Pathway to Divine Healing

“Anytime we (humans) overstep our bounds in nature, the result is always a plague.”

“All communicable diseases are plagues arising from a violation of natural order, while non communicable diseases are often a result of transactions with foreign entities.”

Get Pathway to Divine Healing and learn how to receive divine healing for yourself and family members.

Introducing Pathway to Divine (How to Receive Healing Directly from God)

This publication is written to meet an urgent need in the Body of Christ.

Pathway to Divine Healing will show the reader how to activate God’s power for divine healing.

The eBook contains the following:

  • Eight Chapters
  • Truths About Divine Healing
  • Principles Governing the Abiding Presence of God
  • The Art and Science of Union with Christ
  • Introduction to Contagious and Non-Contagious Sickness
  • Truths about Deformity: Genetic Disorder OR Accidents
  • One Misconception of Many 21st Century Believers About the Anointing
  • 2 Most Neglected Spiritual Provisions for Divine Healing
  • How I Overcame Acute Ischemic Stroke With The Spiritual Activities Within Four Weeks
  • How to Overcome Any Medical Condition With The Same Methods
  • The Unknown and Untapped Power of God through the Unleavened Bread
  • When to Use Leavened or Unleavened Bread to Prepare and Serve Private Holy Communion
  • How to Activate God’s Power for Emergency Healing

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