Overcoming Marital Delay

Overcoming Marital Delay

Marital delay is a challenge confronting believers of marriageable age. It is a problem that befuddles and mesmerizes a lot of Christians, workers and churchgoers alike.

Marital delay is a major and most recurring prayer point in most church programs and prayer centers.

As an intercessor in God’s vineyard, a prayer request bordering on marital delay is perhaps the most frequent issue I’ve had to pray about.

From a scriptural standpoint, there are three basic ways to experience supernatural power. The first method is through the prayer of an anointed man or woman of God. The second is by intercessory prayers of other believers, and the third is a personal and direct approach to God.

Seeking help from anointed man/woman of God may not necessarily solve the problem of marital delay except in cases where ample time is devoted to thorough investigation before a solution can be proffered.

But how many men or women of God have the luxury of time to attend to one case of marital delay in a worship center where hundreds or thousands of people with different issues are seeking spiritual help? This is one of the reasons many people are still unmarried despite several prophetic utterances and word of knowledge given to them.

The situation described above is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Time is life, and waiting in hope that God would intervene at the “appointed time” is not scriptural when a marital issue is in view.

The mantra “the appointed time” in a man-God relationship has to do with spiritual service and enduement of power. This mantra is applicable majorly to ministers in training.

But to avoid unnecessary waste of time, this free publication will show the reader effective steps to divine help.

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