Scriptural Guide to Divine Healing Part 4 (Personal Experience)

Divine healing is available; it can be experienced and enjoyed by believers in Christ. I am a living testimony of God’s power to heal with or without medical aid.

The subject at hand was never a consideration in my relationship with God until 1998 when I fell sick, in Boston Massachusetts. Prior to the experience, I had been introduced to the ministry of Watchman Nee late 1995, and had preached absolute faith in God to heal and turn any situation around; but never knew or expected that the moment of practical experience would come.

So the time to test the veracity of my faith in God came in October 1998. I was sick and dying. The sickness was such that during the day I would experience an overwhelming weakness that made it difficult for me to hear, talk, and walk properly, and by 7 pm all I wanted to do was sleep.

I sought God for healing, but what I received instead was a dream. In the dream, I saw a man who did not pretend his divine nature (angel) standing beside me and a mirror of about 6 feet tall before us.  The tall man clad in a white raiment asked me to stand before the mirror. I did and saw all my internal organs shrunken and darkened. The blood flow was abysmal. The next minute, the man asked me to move aside and then asked a boy of about 10 years old to repeat the same process.

The boy stood before the mirror and I could see all his internal organs red and pumping, and the blood flow was good. I woke up terrified. I knew my health was in trouble.

I asked the Lord for healing (by petition) but He asked me to go to the hospital instead. I argued my case that I had preached faith and could not violate my conviction. The Lord replied, “you will not appreciate my healing power if you don’t know what is wrong with you.”

I went to the hospital (Boston Medical) and after a series of blood tests; I was given a white liquid substance like Mistmag to drink at night in preparation for a CT scan the following morning. The suspected cause of my weakness was a brain tumor.  I drank the white substance very early morning after it was kept in a refrigerator for about twelve hours.

The following morning, I did not go back for a CT Scan but instead went to New York for a presentation that required my presence at a Church Convention. They are probably still waiting at Boston Medical for CT Scan, or they may have thought their patient had crossed to the world yonder.

What happened? Why didn’t I go for a CT Scan?

The church program, which the pastorate had prepared for, prior to my doctor’s appointment fell on the same day the hospital asked me to come for a scan, and the church team had to leave Boston at 5 am so we can arrive in New York by 10 am. I did not tell any church member about my medical condition, so the church team was oblivious to my predicament.  This is a wrong attitude that believers should guide against. Do not live in pretense or denial of your situation. The church is set up to handle situations jointly as a body of Christ on earth.

I was in a fix as to what to do. The doctors asked me to come at 8 am, but the church team must leave at 5 am on the same day. The two previous days were so challenging because several phone calls were left on my answering machine to report at the hospital for a blood count. I was told my blood count reading called for urgent attention, but then I must take the white liquid substance before I could undergo a CT Scan.

The experience of divine healing was so dramatic, but since I was not given any medical certificate or diagnosis, I could not share my testimony in the church. (Another terminal health problem came up years later).

Second Experience of Healing

If you are an African of black descent, I am sure you are familiar with malaria fever and how terrible the sickness is. Malaria fever is a companion of many people in West Africa. It is not an understatement to say that seeking divine healing for malaria when the victim is down with the sickness is a suicide mission.

Sometime in 2016, my second son (aged 9 at the time) suddenly fell ill in the middle of the night (1 am). All the symptoms of malaria were in full glare – high temperature, shivering, sweating, and groaning.

My wife woke me up to a frightening situation. I was downcast by the sight of my son wriggling in pain. There was nothing to do; no emergency medical line to call, and absolutely nothing in terms of first aid was available. Needless to mention other challenges confronting me at the time.

I paced the room, unsure of what to do. I had no practical experience of divine healing by laying-on of hands, though there are testimonies of divine intervention in the lives of several people with whom I have been privileged to pray. But right before me in the room was my son, sick, and groaning in pains.

Suddenly a thought flooded my mind – take God by His word and ask for healing. I must confess that I did not expect any strange thing to happen because divine healing was not one of my spiritual gifts.

After a few minutes of pacing the room, I approached my son, laid hands on him, and blurted “I heal you in the name of Jesus.” The following morning, the boy woke up smiling and dressed up for school. I was surprised but then reasoned that malaria usually shows up in the evening time.  We tried to persuade the boy to stay at home so as to monitor him for possible medical attention. He has not shown any symptoms since that day (today is October 17th, 2019)

I was still lost in thought by my son’s miraculous healing when, two days later, my daughter (6 years old in 2016) fell sick; but her sickness happened in the day time. My wife sharply asked us to seek medical attention, but I declined. I wanted to find out if my prayer would work for her. I laid hands on her and said “be healed in the name of Jesus.” The most unbelievable thing happened right after the prayer. Her countenance changed, not gradually; it was instant. She, too, was healed.

That week was a turning point for me and my family because my wife and my first son were also healed supernaturally of malaria fever. I flogged the sickness out of their body by the stripes of Jesus. The surprising part of the experience is that healing has been a constant experience in my family since 2016. Unbelievable!

My Healing Experience of A Stroke Attack

In the article titled How to Overcome Infertility OR Barrenness with Holy Communion, I shared briefly about my miraculous recovery from acute ischemic stroke and some other ailments – by a Private Feast (Holy Communion).

Read below for a full diagnosis of my ailment as written in the MRI report:

“A well defined oval shaped area of T1 and FLAIR hyperintensity is seen in the right cerebellar hemisphere measuring 1.6 x 0.5cm (LS x AP) dimensions respectively and is seen to be communicating with the subarachnoid space in keeping with an area of encephalomalacia secondary to chronic infarct.”

“An oval shaped area of T1 hypointensity and T2 hyperintensity is seen at the left middle cerebellar peduncle measuring 1.5 x 1.2cm (LS x AP) and shows no obvious enhancement on post contrast images. It also shows restricted diffusion on DWI in keeping with acute ischaemic stroke.”

“There is generally mild prominence of the celebral gyri and widening of the fissures and sulci.”

“There is associated fullness of all components of the lateral and 3rd ventricles in keeping with brain atrophy.”

“There is engorgement of the inferior nasal turbines bilaterally”

I do not understand any of the medical jargon written in the MRI report, but I can tell you that what happened to me was terrible. Apart from swirling of the sky above me and the floor beneath me, my right eye was closed almost permanently that I could not see with it. My mouth, also, was twisted to the right side; and I could not control my body.

This terrible experience lasted for a period of three months during which my recovery was gradual after each session of Private Feast (Holy Communion). The stroke attack occurred on July 26th, 2018. Both attack and healing are recent experiences. I must add that I was on medication for hyperglycemia for a few months, but not anymore. My blood sugar which I check every now and then with Accucheck Glucometer is under control with diet and exercise. Fasting reading range: 70 – 90 (Without Medication – Metformin).

From a Scriptural standpoint, there are four basic means by which divine healing can be experienced or ministered, which are: the Stripes of Jesus; Holy Communion; Spiritual Gifts; and Healing Anointing. The tragedy to the Christian faith is the focus on healing anointing and ignorance of other divine provisions for healing.

For a personal experience of divine power for healing, the stripes of Jesus and Holy Communion are the means. To minister healing as a believer is not a RIGHT; it is a privilege, so Spiritual gift or healing anointing is the means by which people outside the believer’s jurisdiction can experience God’s power for healing.

The Stripes of Jesus and Holy Communion are very effective against numerous sickness and disease, but on one condition – Active and Abiding Presence of God.

In the next article, I will discuss the science and art of God’s active and abiding presence. In the meantime, I encourage you to drop a comment, question or concern.

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