Practical Guide to Divine Healing Part 1 (Introduction)

Sound health is one of the basic human needs; while finance, relationships, and security are other aspects of human needs. This note is written to reawaken the truth of God’s power and willingness to heal. The anticipated result is that the reader will be armed with knowledge on how to approach God for divine healing, and how to activate divine power in dealing with certain types of infirmities.

A few years ago, I could not write about divine healing because the subject was a mystery and unclear to me. This was due to my spiritual background before and after I gave my life to Christ.

I was born and raised in a Muslim family, so I practiced Islam for more than two decades before I encountered the Lord Jesus Christ.

Shortly after I gave my life to Christ, I experienced the infilling of the Holy Spirit and started growing spiritually. Like many believers, my conversion into the Christian faith took place in a local church where the focal point was prosperity. This was due to the limited light we had then.

Biblical subjects such as Objective Spiritual Blessings, Spiritual Gifts, The Science and Art of Divine Healing, The Science and Art of Soul Winning, Overcoming Trials, Temptations and Tribulations, Power Generating Systems for Believers, The Art of Defensive and Offensive Warfare, Keys to Spiritual Promotion in God’s Kingdom, and several others were never taught.

Throughout my membership of the local church, there was no clear instruction about divine healing; and I dare say a lot of protestant Churches (independent Churches) still do not have teaching programs on how believers can experience divine healing by a direct approach to God. So, the goal of this series is to give brief information about divine healing and how any believer can receive it directly from God.

First, there are many aspects of divine healing with respect to sickness, disease, infirmities, and deformities occasioned by accidents. While this note is not a comprehensive lecture on divine healing, the reader will learn how he or she can experience the power of God for healing (for self or for people within his or her jurisdiction).

As a matter of fact, God is so benevolent to humans that He made several provisions for believers and non-believers to experience His healing power. This is the reason the New Testament books are replete with stories of healing through encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. How you can encounter the power of God for divine healing is the basis of this teaching. Power for divine healing is already available on earth, so it is not something to expect from heaven.

As stated in some of our publications, the goal of Overcomers’ Boot Camp is to enlighten and empower believers with spiritual knowledge to fast track their experience of divine intervention in every aspect of life.

There are certain truths that every believer in Christ Jesus must know about divine healing. So, please read below for a breakdown of truths on divine healing.

First, no believer is immune to sickness or disease. Elisha, Paul, Timothy, et al.

Second, divine healing is the heritage of every believer in Christ Jesus.

Third, there are four basic dimensions to sicknesses or diseases: Organic Diseases, Contagious and Non Contagious Diseases, Genetic Deformities, and Accident Induced Sickness.

Fourth, divine healing can be instant or gradual.

Fifth, there are several divine provisions for believers to experience and enjoy divine healing.

Sixth, there are conditions for divine healing, such as knowledge, purity, and joy. What about faith? It is covered in knowledge and purity. Once you get it right with knowledge and purity, faith is naturally produced.

Seventh, no special anointing or seed sowing is necessary for divine healing by a direct and personal approach.

Eighth, healing is easy to obtain if all three conditions are met.

Ninth, the process to personal divine healing is not the same for helping other people to experience it.

Tenth, divine healing can be experienced through Prayer, Holy Communion, Word of Testimony, any of the Spiritual Gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 – Gift of Faith, Prophecy, Gifts of Healing, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and interpretation of Tongues.

Eleventh, God’s healing power is already AVAILABLE on earth. It won’t come from heaven.

Twelfth, there are some reasons why God may not lend His power to heal.

Before I explain in detail each of the basic truths about divine healing, it is important to discuss different methods of divine healing as shown in Scriptures. This is necessary to set the background for a direct approach to God for divine healing.

Methods of Divine Healing:

In the physical world, there are two basic ways to seek healing: (1) Medical – Orthodox and Unorthodox; (2) Spiritual.

The goal of this article is to explain the spiritual path to divine healing. So in this connection, there are four basic principles governing divine healing.

These principles are:

1. Stripes of Jesus (Objective Blessing)
2. Holy Communion (Objective Blessing)
3. Spiritual Gifts – (Other Believers’ gifts of healing)
4. Healing Anointing – By approved men and women of God.

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The enemy’s advantage over believers is our ignorance of spiritual subjects. It’s time a lot of believers realized that God’s power, like electricity that remained unknown and untapped for many centuries, is available on earth.

What many are crying to receive or experience from heaven is already on earth.

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