How to Overcome Infertility OR Barrenness with Holy Communion

Barrenness is not a women-only problem; it is a couple’s problem. When infertility issues crop up in marriage, it is a fact that any of the parties involved (man or woman) in the union may be responsible for infertility.

This article is written to help believers overcome infertility issues with the power of God.

While medical science has made it possible for humans to produce offspring through different methods of assisted pregnancy, the truth still remains that certain cases of barrenness are beyond the help of medical science – especially where couples insist on the natural process.

For example, I met a woman a few years back whose womb was damaged due to complications from multiple abortions and her case was hopeless. She eventually had a baby by God’s power, within a space of 18 months after we met.

In another case, a married woman was not barren or infertile. Her own case was a miscarriage a few months into her pregnancy. The case was so bad that after five miscarriages, she got pregnant by the power of God and was expecting to lose the pregnancy. She got pregnant and had a baby who shared the same birthday with me, also within 18 months.

The point I am trying to make is that there are cases beyond the help of medical science. Both cases narrated are stories of family friends (We became friends through their situation).

Miracles and testimonies are supposed to be shared by people with the experience, so if any of my family friends stumbled on this article, I wish to tender an open apology. This note was commanded by God.

In the subconscious mind of the earthmen, barrenness is considered a woman’s problem. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Barrenness is a couple’s problem. Both the man and woman in the union may be responsible for infertility.

Though I have not handled any case of male impotence or sterility, I can tell you authoritatively that what you are going to learn from this note works, gender irrespective. I know because I have been in ministry a few years and I have prayed for loads of people with health challenges who experienced divine healing and miracles through God’s power.

Though I am not permitted to share more testimonies of the reality of God’s power through my ministry, I have the liberty to tell you my personal experience of divine healing, to put your mind at rest that the help (divine) you need to overcome infertility or barrenness is not farfetched.

The WORST-CASE of barrenness is caused by a no-womb-situation or low-sperm-count (motility issues), so if your case falls within these two extremes, you will overcome it by God’s power if you follow instructions in this note.

I am not a scientist or medical practitioner, so this article is not a medical treatise. It is how couples who are trying to conceive can experience divine intervention.

How to Experience God’s Power
From a scriptural standpoint, there are three basic ways to experience supernatural power. The first method is through the prayer of an anointed man or woman of God. The second is by intercessory prayers of other believers, and the third is a personal and direct approach to God.

The purpose of Overcomers Boot Camp is to enlighten and empower believers in Christ with spiritual knowledge and, by extension, help them to experience divine intervention without delay.

In one of our articles “Divine Help: Overcoming Marital Delay,” we mentioned that seeking men or women of God for prayers may not necessarily produce instant or quick results for several reasons, so the best and most reliable way to experience supernatural power is by a direct and personal approach. God is more honored when believers approach Him directly.

The goal of Overcomers’ Boot Camp is not to downplay the role of anointed men and women of God, but to meet an urgent need in the Body of Christ worldwide. A lot of Christians are groaning in pain, waiting for God to intervene in their situation.

Misconception about Divine Intervention
The information provided thus far is important to the mission of Overcomers’ Boot Camp, so please keep reading if you need a divine intervention.

There is a misconception in the Body of Christ which has caused a lot of damages to humanity.

This misconception is the belief that there is an appointed time for certain prayers to be answered. This is a wrong doctrine that the devil has used to rob many believers of their rights to speedy divine intervention.

From the Scripture, there is only one reason for “The Appointed Time” doctrine and it has nothing to do with the blessing of fruitfulness or marital fulfillment. “The Appointed Time’ principle applies to “Ministry” and only Christians who are in the path of spiritual assignments are subject to “The Appointed Time.”

Another exception to the appointed time doctrine is if God makes it clear to the believer to wait. I have yet to meet anyone seeking marital fulfillment or fruit of the womb who received such a command from God. It is a possibility, but if this is not the case with you, you can experience His power right now – if you so desire.

Conditions for Divine Intervention
God is real and His power is available to heal, deliver and bless humans. But there are rules and principles governing His intervention in the affairs of Man.

For Christian couples seeking divine intervention, your case is simple because marriage is a God-ordained institution. If your marriage is recognized in heaven, you will learn how to overcome any medical condition or spiritual problem that may be responsible for infertility or barrenness. The help you need is available through the feast of unleavened bread.

Before I share the process of this simple but grossly unknown means to divine intervention, I must add that there are conditions attached to the process.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread can be used to solve a lot of physiological and spiritual problems. The problem with believers is ignorance of this amazing power generating system tucked away in John 6.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is an objective blessing that can fast track your expected miracle. There is a spiritual law to the end that any problem that can be solved or managed medically can be solved supernaturally.

God is not a magician, so His power is not something that man can lay hold of and wield at whim. The Feast of Unleavened Bread will cause a lot of reactions in your body and in the spirit realm if there is any spiritual dimension to your problem.

But there is a need to warn couples that there will be grave consequences if your union is not recognized in heaven. If you are married to a partner who abandoned his or her lawful marriage partner, you should not try the Feast of Unleavened Bread because you will get a negative result. Your case is beyond the help of anointing or prayers. You are living in adultery, and instead of getting help what you will get is a demonic attack that may result in death.

Death was the prescribed judgment for adulterers in the Old Testament and while God has abolished the law of capital punishment for adulterers, rapists, and deviants, Satan and his demon slaves are still enforcing the punishment on erring believers in Christ.

How to Prepare and serve the Feast of Unleavened Bread
To be on a safer side, it is suggested that you go for baptism by immersion and ask your pastor to serve you what the mainstream call Holy Communion. After baptism and Holy Communion, follow the steps written below:

  1. Get a bread Baked without Yeast and cut a portion into a plate.
  2. Get any Fruit Juice and pour it into ONE Glass cup.
  3. Open your Bible to John6:57 and read it aloud.
  4. After reading John 6:57 out loud, lift up the cup with fruit juice and say, Lord Jesus, this drink is your blood, followed by the bread, Lord Jesus, this bread is your flesh. And then say the following by lifting up the cup and the bread, Your blood is drink indeed and Your flesh is meat indeed. We accept your blood and flesh so we may live by you. We reject (mention the problem(s)) and seek your power to remove it. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for your flesh and blood.


Share the bread and fruit juice with your partner.

You may ask for a creative miracle.

The simple meal process explained above is effective against sickness and many other spiritual problems. The only set of problems beyond the feast of Unleavened Bread is known as “Weights”.

What is weight?
Weight is one of the three dimensions of the flesh. The flesh consists of sins, weights, and leaven.

These dimensions of the flesh have different ways of getting rid of them. Sin is by conviction, confession, and forgiveness.

Weights are a little bit difficult because they are compulsive habits, so they require another simple spiritual activity before the Feast of Unleavened Bread can work. Details are in the eBook –Keys to Purity

Leaven are the worst because they attract unpleasant situations. There is no forgiveness or objective deliverance for leaven. The believer must experience pain to wean him or her of leaven. They are the basis for a lot of problems we believers go through before God can trust us with power (Dunamis). Exploring the Dangers of Leaven.

Other Sundry Matters
The Feast of Unleavened Bread can be prepared and served until the problem is solved. But then there will be noticeable reactions in the body and in the dream state. So you must pay attention to whatever you start seeing after the feast.

There will be reactions within a period of seven days after the first feast is prepared and served. So it is advisable to eat the Communion at least three times within a seven day period.

Unresolved issues will definitely show up. Restitution to make, if any, will crop up. Secrets will be revealed and many other unexpected issues will show up. If any of the parties in the union has a secret sin, it will be revealed.

My Experience
Thursday, July 26th, 2018.

Shortly after I took a break from a few hours of night prayer (vigil), I slept and had a dream that hinted of trouble ahead – I saw a childhood friend who died a year or so ago crying for help.

So during breakfast, I began to feel a movement in my eyes. The movement was involuntary and suddenly something swept all over my body and resulted in a loss of coordination. I could not move my limbs or control my body. Immediately this happened, I asked my wife to get me Holy Communion materials which gave me a few hours of relief.

I had no idea what happened to me other than the loss of coordination and inability to walk. I stayed in bed for the remaining part of the day until around 5 PM when the ceiling above began to spin. Some noise (like Bees humming) started playing in my head and I ended up in the hospital.

After a battery of tests and tons of questions bordering on my lifestyle, a team of doctors ordered an MRI test which confirmed the obvious (a twisted mouth, a closed eyelid, and loss of coordination). A blood clot had disrupted the flow of blood in my brain and I was diagnosed of Acute Ischemic Stroke and one other scary ailment that I cannot pronounce.

Please note that the purpose of sharing my story is to let you know that this article is not a post made to entertain readers or gather sympathies. It is to help couples with infertility issues or barrenness to overcome their problems. In fact, the Overcomers Boot Camp is an offshoot of Overcomers’ Gathering – a ministry program that is gathering momentum online.

I eventually overcame stroke, the effect of High Blood Pressure and Hyperglycemia to the amazement of medical experts who still wonder how. Overcoming Hyperglycemia or High Blood Pressure is not news (people do that all the time with lifestyle changes), but overcoming a stroke within three months of serious attack remains a mystery to medical experts who attended to me. It was by the Power of God and you are going to encounter this power if you follow the instruction above.

I must add: during one of my early medical checkups, I asked my doctor how a new pancreas could help resolve the insulin issue. He told me unequivocally that my problem would be solved; but then, he snapped and asked, “Where will you get a new pancreas?”

God is a Spirit. His ways are foolishness to the natural man.

Try the Feast of Unleavened Bread and see for yourself.

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