Divine Help: Overcoming Marital Delay (Part 2)

As established in the first article in this series, there is a cause or reason for every problem affecting us, so there is a reason for marital delay.

What Are the Probable Causes of Marital Delay?
Marital delay can be caused by a lot of reasons: misplaced priorities, ignorance, hidden covenant, polluted bloodline, disobedience to God, etc. The list is endless.

No one but you and God can figure out the reason behind your own case. So the first step in overcoming marital delay is to ask God for the cause or reason behind it. There is a proper way to do this and get a quick result from God.

The first breakthrough in overcoming a marital delay is to discover the reason or the cause. In some cases, there may be more than one reason behind the problem. God is powerful and can solve any problem, but the issue with many believers is our wrong approach to seeking divine help.

God is more interested in our instruction, fellowship, and worship, but because many believers are interested in having their problems solved more than in knowing God or having a sound relationship with Him, He often allows us to deal with issues without divine intervention.

God wants every believer to know and experience His power to save, heal, deliver and prosper through a personal fellowship with Him – as opposed to seeking miracles in both approved and unapproved places.

Please do not get me wrong, God wants believers to seek help from one another, but not at the expense of a personal relationship with Him.

It is in the process of spiritual investigation (which a lot of believers don’t do) that you will discover the cause of your marital delay. If the problem is due to a hidden covenant (in most cases) or a simple case of ignorance or misplaced priorities, God will make it clear to you. It is afterward that you will need to take the necessary steps to address the cause.

In some cases, confessions, repentance or restitution, may be necessary before the problem is solved. A plead for mercy may be the only step needed; and in some other cases, the believer may need to go for deliverance.

How to Approach God
Approaching God through prayers is supposed to be easy because we have His invitation to approach Him for help (Hebrews 4:16), but the unfortunate truth is that there are a few conditions necessary before we can gain God’s audience.

Both Old and New Testaments give us a clue as to the kind of person whom God will listen to. There is a right state of heart and mind that we must maintain before we can plead our case before God.
In Proverbs 16:1, the Scripture says, “The preparation of the heart is of man, but the answer of the tongue is of God.” The implication is that you must prepare your heart before God can give you an audience.

Psalms 15:1- 5 also tells us of conditions necessary before we approach God. So in this connection, you must approach God with a repentant heart of known sins. You must acknowledge and confess all known sins and ask Him for mercy.

After the confession of sins, you need to search your heart and history of dealings with people for any wrongdoing that you need to restitute. This aspect is often the most difficult step for many believers that God sends my way for help. But when they obey and restitute their wrongdoing, heaven always opens and grant them marital fulfillment.

But, what if there is no sin to confess and restitute? The believer should declare before God of her intention to seek His face for a period of 3-7 days, for reasons behind her marital delay. For the set period, the believer should simply worship God and ask for reasons behind her problem.

I understand certain issues are better left in the past, but then I suggest you confess it before God and bare your mind that you were in error and cannot visit the past. Tell him your reasons and wait for His judgment on the issue.

The famine that ravaged Israel and recorded in 2 Samuel 21:1 was not lifted until David took all the steps necessary to address the Gibeonites whom Saul offended, and it is in verse 14 after all the steps were taken that God answered the prayer for the land.

You may not necessarily need to apologize to anyone or restitute your ways; it may be a case of a hidden covenant. In that case, you will need to prepare for warfare. I will explain how to break a hidden covenant and overcome a marital delay in the next article.

A True Life Story
A lady posted in a group a few years ago; she asked the group members in frustration “Where is the Man?” In response, I simply told her to ask God.

I outlined the principles for getting answers from God and instructed her to act on it. A few years later, she got married. But what is the testimony and lesson in her story?

She lived abroad and maybe in isolation. According to her numerous posts in the group, she was a born again with a strict Christian background. She lived a dedicated life and maintained purity throughout her adolescent years, yet she was unmarried when she was ready for it.

I explained that God knew the location of her ordained husband and would reveal it to her if she asked. I added, however, that since nature is designed that man is the head of the woman (in a relationship), so she must prepare for a life-changing encounter after following the steps.

Within a short time after the conversation, she relocated to another city and got married. All she needed was a mind shift, not deliverance or prolonged fasting and prayers.

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