Divine Help: Overcoming Marital Delay (Part 1)

Marital delay is a scourge that is afflicting many believers of marriageable age. It is a problem that befuddles and mesmerizes a lot of Christians, workers and churchgoers alike. Marital delay is a major, and most recurring, prayer point in most church programs and prayer centers.

As an intercessor in God’s vineyard, a prayer request bordering on marital delay is perhaps the most frequent issue I’ve had to pray about, and from years of counseling and interceding for people with this challenge, I have loads of experiential knowledge and testimonies to share with believers having this problem.

From a scriptural standpoint, there are three basic ways to experience supernatural power. The first method is through the prayer of an anointed man or woman of God. The second is by intercessory prayers of other believers, and the third is a personal and direct approach to God.

Seeking help from anointed man/woman of God may not necessarily solve the problem of marital delay except in cases where ample time is devoted to thorough investigation before a solution can be proffered.

But how many men or women of God have the luxury of time to attend to one case of marital delay in a worship center where hundreds or thousands of people with different issues are seeking spiritual help? This is one of the reasons many people are still unmarried despite several prophetic utterances and word of knowledge given to them.

The situation described above is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Time is life, and waiting in hope that God would intervene at the “appointed time” is not scriptural when a marital issue is in view.

The mantra “the appointed time” in a man-God relationship has to do with spiritual service and enduement of power. It is applicable majorly to ministers in training.

But to avoid unnecessary waste of time, waiting and wishing that God would intervene at “the appointed time,” this note is written to teach the reader a DO-IT-YOURSELF approach to overcoming marital delay. So prepare your heart and read this article for divine principles and practical steps to overcome marital delay. (God can intervene in your situation right now.)

This article is written from a spiritual perspective, so only those who believe in the power of Jesus Christ are in a good position to apply the knowledge in this article and get a result.

Marital delay is a problem that many female Christians have on their prayer list, so the knowledge shared in this article applies mostly to women. Men, for the most part, rarely worry about marital delay for the same reasons that women do, so there is a different approach to addressing marital delay as regards men.

I was addressing an issue with God during my quiet time when God asked me to write this article to help many of His children who are crying for marital fulfillment, so rest assured that you will definitely get a result by following the instruction.

Life is full of battles and there is no one, strong or weak, mighty or lowly, rich or poor, without a challenge. But marital delay should not be a challenge; and as you read this article and act on divine principles and practical steps outlined, you are going to get a result.

There are several reasons responsible for marital delays, such as pride, a spiritual problem, social, intellectual, character issues, etc. So there is no one size fit all approach to solving the problem as reasons differ from one person to another.

Be that as it may, the WORD of God is eternal and powerful to break any yoke. So in this series, you are going to read God’s remedy for all problems affecting humans.

First, as a believer, you must have heard or learned that the physical realm is controlled by the spirit realm. That is: the spiritual realm overrides the physical world.

Many problems affecting humans have their roots in the spirit world. Although there are problems without a spiritual cause; the ultimate truth is that no problem can linger in the face of spiritual approach to solving it.

From the foregoing, I want to say again that whether your marital delay is caused by a spiritual problem or by another reason, or a combination of reasons, you will get a result if you act on the information in this article.

Marital delay is a problem for those who desire marital fulfillment. There are many women who are not interested in marriage, so this article is not written for them.

The goal of this article is to provide a clear path and instructions on how to overcome marital delay.

First, the Scripture tells us that God has given the Lord Jesus Christ a name that is above every other name. The import of this truth is that there is no problem or issue on earth without a name, so marital delay is the name of a problem you are trying to overcome. Marital delay cannot withstand the power in the name of Jesus Christ.

The reason you may not have gotten a result through prayers is due primarily to a wrong approach to solving the problem.

Second, the Bible shows us that there is no problem without a cause. In 2 Samuel 21:1, we read in Scriptures about a severe famine in Israel. The famine happened back to back for three years, thus a pattern was established – a clear indication of a hidden problem.

To address the situation, David interceded for the land and asked God to intervene. The LORD answered David, not by removing the famine, but by telling David the cause of the problem.

So for every problem confronting man, there is a REASON. There is a reason for that marital delay.

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