Faithful Joel

Faithful Joel was born and raised in a Muslim family for more than twenty years before he encountered the Lord Jesus Christ in 1994.

He has a mandate from God to run an Eight Ministry Programs – one of which is Overcomers’ Gathering.

About Overcomers Boot Camp
Overcomers Boot Camp is an offshoot of a Ministry Program tagged Overcomers Gathering. The purpose of the ministry program is to help believers with a practical approach to solving spiritual issues with Scriptures based teachings.

It is a fact that many people are trooping to the Church for help to overcome all manner of problems – ranging from health to finance, relationships, security, etc.

The sad reality is that a lot of people in the Church are not grounded in Christ to the point where they can appropriate divine provisions to overcome personal challenges.

Overcomers Boot Camp is established as a medium to teach and strengthen believers with knowledge.


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